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My Mission

After 15 years a non-profit fundraiser I'm on a mission to  help creative entrepreneurs and leaders in sustainability, tech, fashion and media to mobilize capital for positive social and environmental outcomes.   

Where can you find me these days? 

  • Director, Board Relations - Environmental Defense Fund
  • Launch Consultant, iNTENT Ventures
  • Echoing Green Fellowship Climate Portfolio Evaluator 
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor of Public Service - NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service
  • Governance Chair, Board of Trustees - Ms. Foundation 

5 Words that Other People Would Use to Describe Me

  • Systems Thinker
  • Catalytic
  • Solution Oriented
  • Creative 
  • Persistent 

What Have I Accomplished Over the Last 10 Years?

  • Raised and deployed $25M in philanthropic capital for issues ranging from affordable housing for individuals with mental illness to environmentalism. 
  • Led the community engagement process for a regional women's foundation that needed to relocate the local women's building 
  • Operationalized Van Jones' vision for Dreamcorps, a US based social justice accelerator 
  • Taught over 100 students at NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service how to manage and lead in the social impact sector 
  • Collaborated with EDF's Executive Director to design a scalable framework for global strategy and governance 
  • Partnered with Anurag Gupta to take Be:More America, an organization committed to reducing implicit bias in the healthcare sector from idea to implementation
  • Chaired the Ms. Foundation For Women's Governance Committee from 2016 to now.