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I have three ideas about how I can help you and your friends in the social impact field align their desire to do good with the need to also do well. My speciality is working with early and mid-career social impact professionals who have a good job - but want to build a great career.

#1 - Group Coaching: A few times a year I run a mid-career development coaching group - a praxis on trends in the field that involves setting goals and having folks who can support you and hold you accountable to your career ambitions. If you’d like to consider this for your mid-career managers or for a group of your peers let’s chat!

#2 - Mid-Career Development Workshop: Do you run a fellowship program or something similar? Looking for programmatic content for your professional networking group? I am happy to co-develop content based on my presentation, Level Up - taking your career to the next level.

#3 - Young Professional Fireside Chat: A 60-90 minute podium style conversation - where I’ll share some lessons learned about how I’ve built my career - and conclude with audience Q&A. Perfect for conferences, employee resource groups and colleges.

That said - I’m open to all sorts of collaborations - fill out the form below and try me! :)

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